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MySQL for Visual Studio Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2  /  Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.10 (2021-08-02, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.10 (2021-08-02, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Parser and debugger revisions now make use of the parser classes generated by ANTLRCS 3.5.2 (the C# port of ANTLR 3). In addition, some syntax was updated to coordinate with MySQL Server 8.0 changes. (Bug #32398998)

  • The performance associated with showing tooltips now is enhanced by switching to (async) Quick Info for UI thread affinity. (Bug #30674699, Bug #97934)

  • Support for Visual Studio 2015 is removed with this release.

Bugs Fixed

  • After an active connection exceeded its timeout setting, it could not be used again without restarting Visual Studio. (Bug #33033241)

  • Visual Studio quit unexpectedly after a MySQL script was executed using a timed-out connection. Improved error messaging now identifies that a connection may no longer be active when it is selected for use. (Bug #33033225)

  • An incorrect path to the deployed template files prevented the creation of MySQL MVC item templates if they were selected from a Visual Basic project. (Bug #33026170)

  • Some properties and buttons were hidden within the Advanced area of the Connect to MySQL dialog when the DPI setting value was greater than 100. (Bug #33025993)

  • The Configuration Update Tool reapplied the Connector/NET configuration changes to previously updated versions of Visual Studio when it was activated to update a new version. (Bug #33020888)

  • User credentials were not copied fully to Server Explorer if a new connection was created by selecting the "MySQL script with new connection" option from the MySQL toolbar. The resulting connection was insufficient for use with MySQL scripts or when attempting to open the Data Export tool. (Bug #33016238)

  • An error was emitted if an object was not fully initialized before the operation creating it in the MVC Item Template dialog was canceled. (Bug #33005844)

  • Dialog boxes containing text messages did not resize to show the entire message if the DPI setting value was greater than 100. (Bug #33000651)

  • Without Connector/NET, attempting to edit (design) MySQL tables or views returned an error. All error messages of this type now state that Connector/NET must be installed. (Bug #33000642)

  • In Visual Studio 2019, the MySQL Data Export tool did not display properly within the tab. (Bug #32978902)

  • An initial attempt to make a connection using the MySQL connection dialog could cause Visual Studio to stop responding. (Bug #32977888)

  • Server Explorer’s design option in Visual Studio 2019 for a MySQL table did not open in the tab as expected. This fix restores the ability to alter a table. (Bug #32769097)

  • Before creating a new connection, MySQL for Visual Studio prompted the user to update the log file's path and name. However, if selected, the update process returned an error. If the update was declined, selecting one of the databases from the list also produced an error. This fix revises the implementation to always initialize the logger first before attempting to log any messages. (Bug #32398894)

  • If an installation targeted the Visual Studio 2015 environment, executing the MSI file to remove MySQL for Visual Studio returned an error and did not finish. (Bug #31966621)

  • A runtime exception resulted when an ASP.NET Web Form Site project was configured to use the default custom SQL value (Dataset) as the DataSource mode. (Bug #30961816)

  • The attempt to generate an entity framework model produced several errors rather than creating a data source with a valid connection to the database. (Bug #28752542, Bug #92681)