MySQL for Excel Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.3.3 (2014-10-27, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.3.3 (2014-10-27, General Availability)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL for Excel since the release of 1.3.2. Several new features were added the 1.3.x branch, for more information see What is New in MySQL for Excel 1.3.

Known limitation:

Upgrading from versions MySQL for Excel 1.3.2 and lower is not possible due to a bug fixed in MySQL for Excel 1.3.3. In that scenario, the old version (MySQL for Excel 1.3.2 or lower) must be uninstalled first. Upgrading from version 1.3.3 works correctly.

Bugs Fixed

  • The MySQL for Excel MSI was not replacing the registry keys on an upgrade, in that registry keys from previous versions remained and were not upgraded. (Bug #19783949, Bug #74286)

  • Using semicolons (';') in values like schema names, column names or text values caused SQL queries sent to the MySQL server to fail. Internally, MySQL for Excel treated the semicolon as a separator for SQL statements. (Bug #19680607, Bug #74057)

  • Committing 20+ cell changes and new rows at the same time would fail to commit. (Bug #19639669, Bug #73911)

  • The "Preview SQL statements before they are sent to the server" option is now overridden when the "Auto-Commit" check box in the Edit Data dialog is checked. Before, each edit (that was auto committed) would first show the preview dialog. (Bug #19607260, Bug #73900)

  • The Export Data dialog's preview grid would display time data as a standard decimal numbers.

    Also, exported data with time values were not properly wrapped in single quotes. (Bug #19607195, Bug #73899)

  • Importing a table with a row count that exceeded the number of rows below the cursor would generate a fatal "High severity error" and fail to import the data. Now, the import succeeds but the "Import will be truncated since it exceeds the available worksheet space." (Bug #19588933, Bug #73866)

  • When selecting a non-primary column that only contains integer values, the "Create Index" option is automatically checked, and the "Allow Empty" option is unchecked. This is the expected behavior with the advanced "Automatically check the Allow Empty check box for columns without an index" option enabled. (Bug #19503820, Bug #73719)

  • For consistency, all references to "Varchar" were changed to "VarChar". (Bug #19501346, Bug #73712)

  • The Allow Empty check box only had an effect the first time the SQL query was previewed. (Bug #19467535, Bug #73646)

  • Changed the way NULL and zero dates are handled. Previously, MySQL zero dates ("0000-00-00 00:00:00") were imported into Excel as the minimum valid date allowed by .NET (DateTime.MinValue), which was then converted into a text representation where the cell's value was no longer recognized as a date. Now, zero dates are always treated as NULL. (Bug #19423952, Bug #73541)

  • Exporting data that used a comma as the decimal separator would fail to export. The commas are now converted to periods, as already done when appending data. (Bug #19403063, Bug #73293)

  • When the number of mapped columns was less than the number of columns in the target table, and when the last MySQL column contained NULL values, append operations would insert NULL values for all fields in the aforementioned last column instead of inserting the values defined in Excel. (Bug #19402572, Bug #73175)

  • Values returned from Excel formulas were not recognized by MySQL for Excel when used in Export or Append Data operations. The Export/Append Data preview grids showed empty or unexpected numeric values (such as -2146826265) instead of the actual value returned by the formulas. (Bug #19389936, Bug #73505)

  • Appended DATETIME fields would change to 000-00-00 00:00:00 if the table also had an auto-increment field present. (Bug #19389609, Bug #73468)

  • DATETIME columns were not automatically mapped when an Append Data action was executed. (Bug #19191183, Bug #73268)

  • TIME values are now converted to Excel's time values to avoid type related errors when importing a range of data to or from Excel. (Bug #18693067, Bug #72504)

  • Rows involved in a commit action during Edit Data operations are now refreshed from the database after the transaction is committed, so values that are modified at the server side (auto increment fields, timestamps, or others by stored procedures), are returned to Excel after the push. This avoids optimistic update warnings stating that the data was changed outside of the Edit Data session. (Bug #18142293)

  • When renaming or deleting a stored mapping from the Append Data's Advanced Options dialog, clicking Cancel would not undo the rename or delete action. (Bug #16501859)