MySQL for Excel Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.2.0 (2014-01-23)

Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.2.0 (2014-01-23)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL for Excel since the release of 1.1.3. Several new features were added, for more information see What is New in MySQL for Excel.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Excel tables are now automatically created for any data imported from MySQL to an Excel worksheet, with a name like "Schema.DB-Object-name".

  • Edit Data sessions can now be saved.

  • The Advanced Options dialogs opened from the Import, Export, and Append Data windows now immediately apply the option changes.

  • The selected schema name is now displayed on top of the MySQL for Excel Database Object Selection panel.

  • The Data Export feature now has an option to only create a table without inserting the data.

  • Several new "Preview" preferences were added, when previewing import/export results, which includes options to show the MySQL statements.

  • Append Data now warns of incompatible types when mapping source Excel columns to target MySQL columns.

  • Optimistic Updates are now an option, when before only Pessimistic Updates were available. Optimistic updates are enabled by default, and this means that changes made from outside of Excel during a session (such as a field update) will not be overwritten by Excel, and instead a notification is generated with the option to force the change.

  • MySQL connections can now be edited from within the MySQL for Excel add-in by right-clicking and choosing Edit Connection.

  • A new orange color was added. A cell is colored orange when MySQL for Excel detects a change from an external source before a commit is attempted. This requires 'Optimistic Updates' to be enabled (default).

Bugs Fixed

  • After deleting an entire row in a worksheet, the row after it would change color to green. (Bug #17852774)

  • The meaning of the blue and green cell backgrounds were switched. A modified cell is now blue, whereas a modified and committed cell is now green.