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Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.1.1 (2013-04-26)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL for Excel since the release of 1.1.0.

Bugs Fixed

  • Even with the Remove columns that contain no data, otherwise flag them as Excluded option disabled, the data type for empty columns would become undefined. Blank columns are now defined as VARCHAR(255). (Bug #16495493)

  • Imported data would become corrupt if the Excel cell format was different than the format of the data being imported. The cell format is now reset before import. (Bug #16495155)

  • The Export data and Append data action buttons were visible when no data was present, but they are now hidden. (Bug #16495151)

  • Automatic mapping would not function in Edit or Append mode if only one row was selected. (Bug #16493139)

  • Refresh would not refresh MySQL for Excel with connection changes that were made in MySQL Workbench while MySQL for Excel was open. (Bug #16493129)

  • Attempting to Edit MySQL Data on a recently removed table in Edit Mode would generate an unhandled exception. It will now emit an error message similar to "Table x does not exist." (Bug #16487827)

  • The data type combo box would accept a type definition that included text after the closing parenthesis, such as "varchar(200)asad", which would generate an error when attempting to create the table. Entering an invalid type will now raise a warning message similar to "Entered Data Type is not a MySQL valid data type." (Bug #16486410)

  • The MySQL performance_schema database was listed under Schemas, which is reserved for user created databases, but it is now listed under System Schemas. (Bug #16473033)

  • While using the Export Data dialog, clicking on the First Row Contains Column Names check box repeatedly after excluding some columns would cause MySQL for Excel to freeze. (Bug #16419402)

  • Checking the Exclude Column check box from within the preview grid would always change the cursor focus to the first column. The current focus is now preserved. (Bug #16397637)

  • Adding a new MySQL Server connection would cause the connection list to flicker. (Bug #16392862)

  • The Import Table Data dialog for the Edit Data operations did not display a horizontal scrollbar on the preview grid. (Bug #16239011)

  • An About section was added to MySQL for Excel, which contains version and copyright information. (Bug #16238860)

  • The Remote Connections list is now expanded by default while MySQL for Excel is initialized, when before only the Local Connections listing was expanded. (Bug #16238782)

  • The context menu from right-clicking a preview grid in the Import Data form is now aware of its context. The Select All and Select None options will only be available where applicable. (Bug #16238663)

  • When using the Export Data dialog with Auto-Detection of data types enabled (default), the Create Index check box is now checked by default when the data type is an detected as an integer. (Bug #16238445)

  • On systems that define number format using European regional settings, MySQL for Excel failed on INSERT because it would attempt to split these into two numbers at the comma. As a result, the query failed with an error such as "Column count doesn't match value count." These commas are now converted to periods. (Bug #15903921)