MySQL for Excel Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.1.0 (2012-09-30)

Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.1.0 (2012-09-30)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL for Excel since the release of 1.0.7.

This adds the Edit MySQL Data feature.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The Installer will now check if MySQL for Excel is already installed. It will abort if a newer version of MySQL for Excel is already installed, or uninstall an older version of MySQL for Excel.

  • Added a new Export Data advanced option: "Remove columns that contain no data, otherwise just flag them as 'Excluded'."

  • Added two new Append Data advanced options: "Automatically store the column mapping for the given table" and "Reload stored column mapping for the selected table automatically".

  • Added the Edit MySQL Data feature. MySQL data can now be edited directly from the MySQL server in Microsoft Excel.

Bugs Fixed

  • On Microsoft Windows 7, MySQL for Excel would not load when the "Display settings" configuration setting was set to Adjust to Best Performance. (Bug #14521405)

  • It was difficult to determine which operations succeeded and failed due to how the optimistic locking strategy was implemented. Transactions are now used that will revert the entire operation if an error occurs. (Bug #14356054)

  • It was possible for the query confirmation window to differ from the general query log. The two are now synchronized and identical. (Bug #14355970)

  • The Revert Data, Refresh Data from DB sequence would not clear colored cells of data that was already committed. Only cells with data that was not committed would be altered. (Bug #14350321)

  • When Auto-Commit is enabled, an information dialogue will now notify the user if a commit generates warnings and/or errors. (Bug #14349284)

  • Stopping the connected MySQL Server while in edit mode would generate an error upon commit, but it would also display a success message along with displaying a bogus query. It will now only show a proper error message. (Bug #14349256)

  • The Revert/Commit window would remain on top of all other windows. It will now only be shown on top of MySQL for Excel windows. (Bug #14349218)

  • A commit could return a success message if a commit failed while editing a primary key. (Bug #14349192)

  • The Show Details button now toggles and reads as Hide Details after it is pressed, and while the details panel is open.

  • A change after the Append Data automatic mapping is performed will now reset the mapping status to "manual mapping."

  • Connections are now refreshed after they are migrated from MySQL for Excel to MySQL Workbench.

  • The Import Data preview grid did not refresh after pressing Call to execute a routine.

  • Append Data would emit the error "Index was outside the bounds of the array" and not function if a "Stored Column Mapping" contained unmapped columns.