MySQL for Excel Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.0.6 (2012-07-25)

Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.0.6 (2012-07-25)

Initial public release of MySQL for Excel.

Bugs Fixed

  • The Append Excel Data to Table tool would generate an error, and not function. (Bug #14369777)

  • It was not possible to create a New Connection unless MySQL Workbench was installed. (Bug #14368155)

  • Added support for SSL connections that were created in MySQL Workbench. And if a connection using SSL is detected but will not connect, then an a warning dialog is now displayed within the Show Details section. And the add-in will attempt to connect without using the SSL parameters. (Bug #14368116)

  • The {AppData}/Oracle/MySQL For Excel/ directory is now created when Microsoft Excel is first opened with the MySQL for Excel add-in enabled. (Bug #14366579)

  • Schema and database objects had their names grayed out, which made them appear disabled. (Bug #14366416)

  • Toggling the First Row Contains Column Names option after changing a primary key column name from the auto-suggested value would revert the name change back to the initial auto-suggested value. (Bug #14366393)

  • Exporting and appending data would generate a single INSERT statement under all conditions. Large queries would result in max_allowed_packet related errors, and fail to execute the query. Multiple INSERT queries are now generated. (Bug #14362783)

  • The Export Data and Append Data preview panels can now be configured to limit the number of rows for preview. Before it would display all rows, which would stall MySQL for Excel when large data sets are being exported. The default value is 100 rows. (Bug #14362781, Bug #14366469, Bug #14362780)

  • The MySQL Installer for Windows would not upgrade the MySQL for Excel add-in. A workaround was to uninstall it manually beforehand. (Bug #14357305)

  • The MySQL Notifier version is now displayed within the Microsoft Windows Add/Remove programs listing. (Bug #14357291)

  • Incorrect service information could be displayed in the new connection dialog while using Test connection. It's now automatically refreshed. (Bug #14356149)

  • Stored procedure results containing many rows (10,000+) would cause the input form to hang while attempting to change result sets. Also, a warning is now displayed when the number of imported rows exceeds the Excel limit (65,535) that explains why the data will be truncated. (Bug #14351468, Bug #14368490)

  • Windows Authentication plugin support was added. (Bug #14351296)

  • It was not possible to re-enter an incorrectly entered password. (Bug #14350983)

  • Uninstalling the MySQL for Excel add-in would cause Microsoft Excel to generate an error titled "Installing Office customization." (Bug #14350751)

  • The Append Excel Data to Table option would not function nor warn the user if the primary key could not be mapped. (Bug #14350536)

  • The defined Advanced Options were not used when opening a new connection. (Bug #14350361)

  • Altering a column in the Export Data grid would refresh the Use existing column configuration option even though the column properties did not change. (Bug #14350299)

  • Changing the column on the combo box next to the Use existing column radio button in the Export Data dialog would not set the focus to the column in the grid, nor refresh the column property controls. (Bug #14350288)

  • While using the Export Excel Data to New Table wizard, toggling the First Row Contains Names check box would reset and disable the Use Existing Column configuration option. (Bug #14350275)