MySQL for Excel Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.0.5 (Not released)

Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.0.5 (Not released)

Developmental release of MySQL for Excel.

Bugs Fixed

  • Strings that are too long to fit in a window are now truncated with an ellipses, and a tooltip now exists to show the full text. (Bug #14350205)

  • The date data types were not being imported/exported. They are now imported, and treated as follows:

    For importing data: NULL is imported as a "blank" cell. Zero date values are imported as DateTime.MinValue (which displays as "12:00:00 am" in Excel) to prevent losing the Date formatting in Excel

    For exporting/appending data: blank cells, "0000-00-00 00:00:00", "000-00-00", and "00-00-00" are exported as NULL if the DATETIME column allows NULL, otherwise a zero date is inserted into the column. (Bug #14350058)

  • Imported data would not report warnings, such as operations that truncated or converted data. Warnings are now shown for the Export, Append, and Edit operations if executing them were successful, but with warnings. (Bug #14349507)

  • The following operations now generate errors if the connection is lost before execution:

    • Selecting, refreshing, or filtering a schema

    • Refreshing and filtering database objects

    • Appending data

    • Importing data from a table, stored procedure, or view

    (Bug #14349309)