MySQL for Excel Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.0.4 (Not released)

Changes in MySQL for Excel 1.0.4 (Not released)

Developmental release of MySQL for Excel.

Bugs Fixed

  • Errors were not being logged. The following log file now exists: {AppData}/Oracle/MySQL For Excel/MySQLForExcel.log (Bug #14351349)

  • While testing a MySQL Server connection, the user would sometimes not be prompted for a password, and instead it would use the previously set user/pass combination. (Bug #14351001)

  • The connection details in the Connection Password window did not correctly display the information, as some field were either empty or missing. (Bug #14350974)

  • User settings were being saved in the Microsoft Office folder instead of the MySQL for Excel folder. They are now saved here: {AppData}/Roaming/Oracle/MySQL For Excel/settings.config (Bug #14350837)

  • Editing a table would not release the table (for editing elsewhere) even after the table worksheet was deleted. Now, it is released when either the table worksheet is deleted, or the user explicitly exits edit mode. (Bug #14350827)

  • Deleting rows would not be detected while editing a table, thus causing the Commit button to be disabled. (Bug #14350817)

  • Mapping a column from the "Source Table" to several columns in the "Target Table" in the Append Data dialog would prompt to replace existing mapping when there was nothing to replace in the "Target Table."

    Also, when choosing to overwrite the existing mapping, only the last column was mapped. (Bug #14350802)

  • The Export Excel Data data type drop down is now disabled when the field is a primary key, because it should not change from being an INTEGER. (Bug #14350795)

  • The Edit MySQL Data function would not generate full reports. For example, editing a particular row would generate a query log with a missing WHERE clause. (Bug #14350780)

  • Exporting Excel data to a new table to a schema with a ' (single quote) in the schema name would create the table but the data would not be exported. (Bug #14350765)

  • A dialog now exists that notifies the user that connections created from within MySQL for Excel are not saved if MySQL Workbench is also open. (Bug #14350739)

  • Revert Data, Refresh from DB would refresh and display all columns instead of the limited ones. (Bug #14350582)

  • The Edit MySQL Data option would edit the incorrect row. (Bug #14350550)

  • It was not possible to delete a MySQL Server connection. (Bug #14350516)

  • The Information Dialog window that is displayed after confirming an operation against MySQL (append, edit, or export) was not resizable. It can now be resized after the Show Details button is clicked. (Bug #14350330)

  • Text could be truncated when doing so was not required. (Bug #14350220)

  • Schemas and objects can now be refreshed by right-clicking and selecting the Refresh option. (Bug #14349606)

  • Adding a new table via the MySQL for Excel add-in would corrupt the table listing. (Bug #14349362)