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MySQL Cluster 7.2 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.4 (5.5.19-ndb-7.2.4) (2012-02-15, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.4 (5.5.19-ndb-7.2.4) (2012-02-15, General Availability)

MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.4 is the first General Availability release in the MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 release series, incorporating new features in the NDB storage engine and fixing recently discovered bugs in previous MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 development releases.

Obtaining MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.  MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 source code and binaries can be obtained from

This release also incorporates all bugfixes and changes made in previous MySQL Cluster releases, as well as all bugfixes and feature changes which were added in mainline MySQL 5.5 through MySQL 5.5.19 (see Changes in MySQL 5.5.19 (2011-12-08)).

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Important Change: A mysqld process joining a MySQL Cluster where distributed privileges are in use now automatically executes a FLUSH PRIVILEGES as part of the connection process, so that the cluster's distributed privileges take immediate effect on the new SQL node. (Bug #13340854)

Bugs Fixed

  • Packaging: RPM distributions of MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1 contained a number of packages which in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 have been merged into the MySQL-Cluster-server RPM. However, the MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 MySQL-Cluster-server RPM did not actually obsolete these packages, which meant that they had to be removed manually prior to performing an upgrade from a MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1 RPM installation.

    These packages include the MySQL-Cluster-clusterj, MySQL-Cluster-extra, MySQL-Cluster-management, MySQL-Cluster-storage, and MySQL Cluster-tools RPMs.

    For more information, see Installing MySQL Cluster from RPM. (Bug #13545589)

  • Accessing a table having a BLOB column but no primary key following a restart of the SQL node failed with Error 1 (Unknown error code). (Bug #13563280)

  • At the beginning of a local checkpoint, each data node marks its local tables with a to be checkpointed flag. A failure of the master node during this process could cause either the LCP to hang, or one or more data nodes to be forcibly shut down. (Bug #13436481)

  • A node failure while a ANALYZE TABLE statement was executing resulted in a hung connection (and the user was not informed of any error that would cause this to happen). (Bug #13416603)

    References: See also: Bug #13407848.

  • Cluster Replication: Under certain circumstances, the Rows count in the output of SHOW TABLE STATUS for a replicated slave NDB table could be misreported as many times larger than the result of SELECT COUNT(*) on the same table. (Bug #13440282)