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MySQL Cluster 7.2 Release Notes
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MySQL Cluster 7.2 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.2 (5.5.16-ndb-7.2.2) (2011-12-14, Development Milestone)

Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.2 (5.5.16-ndb-7.2.2) (2011-12-14, Development Milestone)

MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.2 is a new development preview release of MySQL Cluster, incorporating new features in the NDB storage engine for testing and user feedback.

Obtaining MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.  MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 source code and binaries can be obtained from

This release also incorporates all bugfixes and changes made in previous MySQL Cluster releases, as well as all bugfixes and feature changes which were added in mainline MySQL 5.5 through MySQL 5.5.16 (see Changes in MySQL 5.5.16 (2011-09-15)).

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added the ndbinfo_select_all utility.

  • Cluster API: Added support for the Memcache API using ndbmemcache, a loadable storage engine for memcached version 1.6 and later, which can be used to provide a persistent MySQL Cluster data store, accessed using the memcache protocol.

    The standard memcached caching engine is now included in the MySQL Cluster distribution. Each memcached server, in addition to providing direct access to data stored in a MySQL Cluster, is able to cache data locally and serve (some) requests from this local cache.

    The memcached server can also provide an interface to existing MySQL Cluster tables that is strictly defined, so that an administrator can control exactly which tables and columns are referenced by particular memcache keys and values, and which operations are allowed on these keys and values.

    For more information, see ndbmemcache—Memcache API for MySQL Cluster.

Bugs Fixed

  • When adding data nodes online, if the SQL nodes were not restarted before starting the new data nodes, the next query to be executed crashed the SQL node on which it was run. (Bug #13715216, Bug #62847)

    References: This issue is a regression of: Bug #13117187.

  • The include/storage directory, where the header files supplied for use in compiling MySQL Cluster applications are normally located, was missing from MySQL Cluster release packages for Windows. (Bug #12690665)

  • Cluster Replication: The mysqlbinlog --database option generated table mapping errors when used with NDB tables, unless the binary log was generated using --log-bin-use-v1-row-events=0. (Bug #13067813)