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MySQL NDB Cluster 6.1 - 7.1 Release Notes
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MySQL NDB Cluster 6.1 - 7.1 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3.16 (5.1.24-ndb-6.3.16) (2008-06-27)

Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3.16 (5.1.24-ndb-6.3.16) (2008-06-27)

This is a new source release, fixing recently discovered bugs in previous MySQL Cluster releases.

MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3 no longer in development.  MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3 is no longer being actively developed; if you are using a MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3 release, you should upgrade to the latest version of MySQL Cluster, which is available from .

Obtaining MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3.  This is a source-only release, which you must compile and install using the instructions found in Installing MySQL from Source, and in MySQL Cluster Installation and Upgrades. You can download the GPL source tarball from the MySQL FTP site at

This release incorporates all bugfixes and changes made in the previous MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3 release, as well as all bugfixes and feature changes which were added in mainline MySQL 5.1 through MySQL 5.1.24 (see Changes in MySQL 5.1.24 (2008-04-08)).


Please refer to our bug database at for more details about the individual bugs fixed in this version.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Event buffer lag reports are now written to the cluster log. (Bug #37427)

  • Added the --no-binlog option for ndb_restore. When used, this option prevents information being written to SQL node binary logs from the restoration of a cluster backup. (Bug #30452)

Bugs Fixed

  • Cluster API: Changing the system time on data nodes could cause MGM API applications to hang and the data nodes to crash. (Bug #35607)

  • Failure of a data node could sometimes cause mysqld to crash. (Bug #37628)

  • DELETE ... WHERE unique_index_column=value deleted the wrong row from the table. (Bug #37516)

  • If subscription was terminated while a node was down, the epoch was not properly acknowledged by that node. (Bug #37442)

  • libmysqld failed to wait for the cluster binary log thread to terminate before exiting. (Bug #37429)

  • In rare circumstances, a connection followed by a disconnection could give rise to a stale connection where the connection still existed but was not seen by the transporter. (Bug #37338)

  • Queries against NDBCLUSTER tables were cached only if autocommit was in use. (Bug #36692)

  • Cluster Replication: Data was written to the binary log with --log-slave-updates disabled. (Bug #37472)

  • Cluster API: When some operations succeeded and some failed following a call to NdbTransaction::execute(Commit, AO_IgnoreOnError), a race condition could cause spurious occurrences of NDB API Error 4011 (Internal error). (Bug #37158)

  • Cluster API: Creating a table on an SQL node, then starting an NDB API application that listened for events from this table, then dropping the table from an SQL node, prevented data node restarts. (Bug #32949, Bug #37279)

  • Cluster API: A buffer overrun in NdbBlob::setValue() caused erroneous results on OS X. (Bug #31284)