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MySQL NDB Cluster 6.1 - 7.1 Release Notes
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MySQL NDB Cluster 6.1 - 7.1 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2.6 (5.1.22-ndb-6.2.6) (2007-09-20)

Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2.6 (5.1.22-ndb-6.2.6) (2007-09-20)

This is a bugfix release, fixing recently discovered bugs in the previous MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2 release.

MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2 no longer in development.  MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2 is no longer being developed or maintained; if you are using a MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2 release, you should upgrade to the latest version of MySQL Cluster, which is available from .

Obtaining MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2.  You can download the latest MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2 source code and binaries for supported platforms from

This Beta release incorporates all bugfixes and changes made in previous MySQL Cluster releases, as well as all bugfixes and feature changes which were added in mainline MySQL 5.1 through MySQL 5.1.22 (see Changes in MySQL 5.1.22 (2007-09-24, Release Candidate)).


Please refer to our bug database at for more details about the individual bugs fixed in this version.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Mapping of NDB error codes to MySQL storage engine error codes has been improved. (Bug #28423)

Bugs Fixed

  • Partitioning: EXPLAIN PARTITIONS reported partition usage by queries on NDB tables according to the standard MySQL hash function than the hash function used in the NDB storage engine. (Bug #29550)

  • When an NDB event was left behind but the corresponding table was later recreated and received a new table ID, the event could not be dropped. (Bug #30877)

  • Attempting to restore a backup made on a cluster host using one endian to a machine using the other endian could cause the cluster to fail. (Bug #29674)

  • The description of the --print option provided in the output from ndb_restore --help was incorrect. (Bug #27683)

  • Restoring a backup made on a cluster host using one endian to a machine using the other endian failed for BLOB and DATETIME columns. (Bug #27543, Bug #30024)

  • An insufficiently descriptive and potentially misleading Error 4006 (Connect failure - out of connection objects...) was produced when either of the following two conditions occurred:

    1. There were no more transaction records in the transaction coordinator

    2. An NDB object in the NDB API was initialized with insufficient parallelism

    Separate error messages are now generated for each of these two cases. (Bug #11313)

  • For micro-GCPs, the assignment of fake CGI events no longer cause buckets to be sent out of order. Now, when assigning a GCI to a non-GCI event (that is, creating a pseudo-GCI or fake CGI), the GCI that is to arrive is always initiated, even if no known GCI exists, which could occur in the event of a node failure. (Bug #30884)