MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.6 (2015-07-02)

Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.6 (2015-07-02)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes that have been applied in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.6 since the release of MySQL Cluster Manager version 1.3.5.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Agent: When a cluster was stopped, it was possible to set an invalid value for LogDestination, which caused a segmentation fault when the cluster was restarted. With this fix, validation of LogDestination is now performed when it is being set. (Bug #20948621)

  • Agent: When a wild cluster's configuration was being imported with the import config command and the PID files for the cluster processes were available to mcmd, attributes that can only be set at the process type level (for example, MaxNoOfAttributes), if specified differently for different instances in the cluster's configuration file, received different values for the different process instances. With this fix, when an attempt is made to set such an attribute at the instance level, mcmd sets the attribute at the process type level instead, and a warning is issued to the agent log. If the same attempt was made more than once with different values during a configuration import, the last value seen by mcmd is used, and a warning is issued in the log. (Bug #20948149)

  • Agent: When MySQL Cluster Manager imports a MySQL Cluster of an older version than the one it is itself running on, any deprecated configuration settings are no longer imported; instead, warnings are issued to the agent log that the settings have been skipped during the import. (Bug #20887560)

  • Agent: A new command, backup agents, has been introduced for backing up mcmd agents' configuration data. For more details, see Backing Up and Restoring MySQL Cluster Manager Agents. (Bug #20070946)

  • Client: Warnings are now issued when users try to set internal options (options used only for internal testing) with the mcm client. (Bug #21253863)

  • Client: For configuration parameters of the enumeration type, when invalid values for them are set, mcm now include a list of valid values in the error message. (Bug #18502419)

  • Client: A warning message is now issued when the add package command is used to add to MySQL Cluster Manager a version of MySQL Cluster that has already been deprecated. (Bug #17894620)

Bugs Fixed

  • Agent: A rolling restart of a cluster was timeouted when no events were received from a restarting data node for more than two minutes. (Bug #221287290)

  • Agent: During the recovery of a cluster, if the cluster's network configuration had been changed since it was last defined and a host could not be connected to, the recovery process would hang. With this fix, at the situation, a warning is written to the log of any agent that is unable to properly resolve host names of other agents of the site. (Bug #21169405)

  • Agent: After setting BackupDataDir, if some of the data nodes used the same backup directory, the list backups command displayed incorrect information about the backups. (Bug #21144638)

  • Agent: On Windows platforms, the backup of the agent configuration automatically created by mcmd during a cluster upgrade was inconsistent, with contents different from those in the original agent repository. (Bug #21135075)

  • Agent: When a mysqld node using a non-default location for its data directory was added to cluster that was already running, trying to start the added node with start process --added command resulted in a timeout error. (Bug #21111944)

  • Agent: restore cluster timed out when some nodes held onto ndpapi slots that they did not need, so that the node responsible for rebuilding the indexes could not have the free API slot it was waiting for. This fix makes sure that API slots are not needlessly occupied while restore cluster is being executed. (Bug #20956393)

  • Agent: After a cluster backup was completed, show status --backup resulted in an Unable to get backup status for cluster error if NoOfReplicas was set to 1. (Bug #20950494)

  • Agent: When show status was executed on a cluster, mcmd tried to connect to and query a management node even if the cluster was known to have stopped. On Windows platforms, the query took a long time to finish. This fix eliminates the unnecessary query for the stopped node. (Bug #20916482)

  • Agent: When using the import config command, loading of extra configuration files by !include or !includedir directives in a configuration file failed if there were extra spaces between the directives and the file paths that followed. This fix corrects the way whitespace is handled for those directives. (Bug #20888600)

  • Agent: A segmentation fault occurred for the import config command when a key = value pair in the configuration file had only spaces after the =. This fix corrects the ways whitespace characters in key = value entries are handled during an import. (Bug #20871452)

  • Agent: While performing a stop cluster command, the mcmd agent hung after being unable to stop a mysqld node. With this fix, stop cluster times out, and mcmd immediately throws an error when the next non-forced stop cluster command is attempted. (Bug #19805950)

  • Agent: When LogDestination is set to CONSOLE or SYSLOG, mcmd is not able to detect whether the ndb_mgmd node is running, or to scan the log from the ndb_mgmd node. Although this is expected behavior, no error was thrown when this occurred. With this fix, an error is thrown, with a message stating that the log must go to a file. (Bug #13040093)

  • Client: When using the add process command after a create cluster --import command but before an import cluster command, the added processes hung with status added status even after the cluster import. This later caused mcmd to crash due to an assertion failure when performing other cluster operations; sometimes, even the repository might get corrupted, making a cluster restart impossible. (Bug #20985984)