MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.4 (2015-02-26)

Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.4 (2015-02-26)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes that have been applied in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.4 since the release of MySQL Cluster Manager version 1.3.3.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Client: The configuration files for maintaining the MySQL configuration options have been cleaned up and consolidated. This means that there are fewer *_configdef_*.xml files under the var directory in the mcm installation directory than previously, and corrections have been made to some minor problems with the handling of some options by mcm. (Bug #20318036)

  • Client: Support for a number of ndb_restore options have been added to the restore cluster command; see this command's description for details. (Bug #20310081)

  • Client: The new show warnings command allows you to check for any warnings issued in the agent log (mcmd.log) for the last command you entered in the mcm client. (Bug #20303045)

  • Client: The restriction against manually assigning a node ID less than 49 to a process other than a data node with the create cluster or add process command has now been lifted. Note that users are still recommended to follow the best practice of reserving node ID 1 to 48 for data nodes, which cannot take a node ID greater than 48. (Bug #20284278, Bug #75331)

  • Client: A warning is now written to the agent log file (mcmd.log) when users try to set a deprecated configuration variable. (Bug #20242779)

  • Client: A new command, show settings, has been added for showing the current values of a number of mcmd options. (Bug #20102394)

  • Client: When listing options for a specific mcm command using the --help option, options already listed under Required options are no longer repeated under Valid options (Bug #19910130)

  • Client: Process lists resulting from commands like list processes, create cluster -v, add process -v and show status --process are now sorted first by process type, and then by node ID. Before, it was sorted by the order in which the processes were created. (Bug #19881161)

  • Client: MySQL Cluster Manager now fully supports multiple entries for replication attributes that accept more than one value (for example, replicate_ignore_table, replicate_ignore_db, and replicate_do_table); see the descriptions for the get and reset commands for details. (Bug #19845790)

  • Client: For the mcm configuration commands (get, set, and reset), the process name can now be omitted from the filter specification list. For example, get DataMemory::2 mycluster is now a valid command. (Bug #19035112, Bug #73063)

  • Client: [For Unix-like platforms only] To separate history logging for the mcm and the mysql clients, the mcm client history is now logged, by default, in the .mcm_history file under the home directory of the user who runs mcm. To change the default file path for the log file, set the environment variable MCM_HISTFILE with the desired value before starting mcm. (Bug #18186455)

  • Client: When setting a dynamic attribute for a mysqld node, mcmd no longer restarts the node immediately, but sends a SET GLOBAL statement to apply the new value to the mysqld node, and also saves the value in the mysqld configuration file in order to have the value applied again at the next restart of the mysqld node. (Bug #16633542)

  • Client: When referring to cluster attributes in an mcm configuration command (get, reset. or set), dashes (-) and underscores (_) can now be used interchangeably within attribute names. For example, set ndb-cluster-connection-pool:mysqld=12 mycluster now works the same as set ndb_cluster_connection_pool:mysqld=12 mycluster. Previously, only the latter was accepted. (Bug #11761809, Bug #54335)

Bugs Fixed

  • Agent: After recovering from a failed cluster upgrade, the output from show status --process showed the wrong package name for the mysqld processes, which did not reflect the package that would be used for the subsequent restart. (Bug #20482379)

  • Agent: After an agent recovered itself from a failure, it might wrongly reported the status of the cluster node. This fix makes sure the correct node status is detected and reported. (Bug #20430481)

  • Agent: The dropping or recreating of a node group that took place when adding data nodes could sometimes fail when, for example, the nodes were not added in the sequential order of the node groups. This fix relaxes the assertion for node group consistency in the code that caused the failure. (Bug #20104357)

  • Agent: After stopping an ndbd process that had never been started before, adding a new ndbd process and stopping it resulted in an internal error. (Bug #20092204)

  • Agent: When an agent restarted and attempted to reconnect to other site members, one of the contacted agents might end up failing with an XCOM error. This was due to a too-strict assertion regarding the XCOM version requirement, which has been removed by this fix. (Bug #19414104)

  • Agent: When an agent on a cluster host replied to another host's enquiry for a list of backups, at the end of its reply, it also sent a critical warning on the network connection. This fix stops the warning by having the agent perform a proper reset for its network connection. (Bug #19209223)

  • Agent: An internal error occurred when the argument for LogDestination contained a colon (:), which is common in Windows file paths. With this fix, mcmd can now handle appropriately the disk designators in Windows file paths. (Bug #19193738)

  • Agent: After issuing an import config command, file paths in Windows format in the cluster configuration files were converted to Unix format. (Bug #19053590)

  • Client: A cluster upgrade sometimes failed because some agents did not load the configuration definition for the package early enough, causing the agents to go out-of-sync with each other with respect to the reconfiguration plan. This fix forces all agents to load the configuration definition before sending out the status update that indicates completion of the reconfiguration. (Bug #20469039)

  • Client: Out-of-range values for the attribute binlog_cache_size used in a set command were not rejected by mcm, which caused an error when the cluster was started. This fix corrects the faulty boundary test on the attribute. (Bug #20351340)

  • Client: When the upgrade cluster command used the package that MySQL Cluster Manager was already using, the upgrade process failed. With this fix, mcm first checks the package version before starting any upgrade process and throws an error in the described situation. (Bug #20144280)

  • Client: If stop cluster was issued immediately following a restart cluster command which had been issued by another client and was still running, the restart cluster command failed. With this fix,the two commands are now carried out successfully in the order they are issued. (Bug #19125493)