MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.3 (2014-12-01)

Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.3 (2014-12-01)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes that have been applied in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.3 since the release of MySQL Cluster Manager version 1.3.2.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Agent: For a node on which an expected backup is not found, the output from list backups now displays None for BackupId and No backups under Comment. (Bug #19208671)

  • A remove process command has been added, providing a means to scale down a cluster offline. See The remove process Command for details.

Bugs Fixed

  • Agent: When a cluster was in single-user mode, any mcm command that caused a configuration change and subsequent rolling restart (for example, a set, add process, or restart cluster) stopped the first data node in each node group but was then be unable to restart it, due to a limitation with MySQL Cluster. With this fix, mcm rejects such commands with an error, instead of allowing the data nodes to be stopped. (Bug #20045384)

  • Agent: When MySQL Cluster Manager tried to create a temporary directory (tmpdir) for a mysqld node under its data directory (manager-dir), it did not always follow the specification for manager-dir for this node, which sometimes resulted in putting the temporary directory in the wrong location. (Bug #20026523)

  • Agent: When the --log-use-syslog option was set during the startup of mcmd, an error was thrown, stating that the option --log-file was also being used (which is not allowed) even if --log-file was not really set. (Bug #19972864)

  • Agent: If a data node went from the running into the added state for some reason, it became irrecoverable by MySQL Cluster Manager because, as a safeguard, MySQL Cluster Manager did not start a newly added data node automatically when the cluster was running. The safeguard is now removed, in order to allow the recovery of a data node in the described situation. (Bug #19787156)

  • Agent: During the recovery of an mcmd agent from a crash, if the cluster's management node could not be contacted for information, the agent reported the status of the managed processes as they were last known, which might not reflect the actual status of the processes (for example, a process might have just crashed, and the agent would still report it as running), With this fix, the mcmd agent will report the status of the processes as unknown in the described situation. (Bug #19321446)

  • Agent: When bootstrapping a default cluster with the --bootstrap option, the ndbd process was used for data nodes. With this fix, the multithreaded ndbmtd process is used instead, which is preferable from a performance perspective. (Bug #18068338)

  • Agent: An mcmd agent crashed when trying to stop a cluster that was hanging during an operation to restore itself. (Bug #17957393)

  • Agent: Configuration attribute values starting and ending with double quotes could not be set using the set command. (Bug #13040122)

  • Client: When setting the LogDestination configuration attribute using the set command, mcm threw a syntax error when the attribute's value was single-quoted. (Bug #19435351)

  • Client: The error reporting for a data node crash by the MySQL Cluster Manager client did not include the cause of ALERT conditions. With this fix, ALERT is included as a matching pattern for errors in data node logs, which might result in more information on the crash being provided. (Bug #19426279)

  • Client: When attempting to add to a site a host that already belonged to another site, the MySQL Cluster Manager client hung; even after the client was restarted, proper control of the agent (to which the client was connected) could be recovered only after deleting the site (for which add hosts was attempted). With this fix, MySQL Cluster Manager checks whether the host already belongs to some other site when create site or add hosts is issued, and throws an error if that is the case. (Bug #18424613)

  • Client: A newline contained inside a multi-line set command caused mcm to throw an error. (Bug #11759662, Bug #51992)