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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 7.0.5 (2016-09-06, Milestone 4)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added support for snapshot change-tracking by recording the original values of an entity when it is retrieved from the database, and support to access the tracked state of entities through DbContext.Entry and DbContext.ChangeTracker.

  • Added concurrency tokens and shadow properties to the set of conventions used to build an Entity Framework Core model based on the shape of entity classes.

  • The .NET Core version of the driver now supports connections to MySQL servers configured to use SSL (TSL for 5.7) through the MySqlConnection class or a DbContext with Entity Framework 6.x or Entity Framework Core.

  • Entity Framework Core support for eager loading can be used to load related data from MySQL as part of the initial query.

  • Added support for following X Protocol connection options:

    • ssl-enable: enables the use of SSL as required.


    • ssl-ca: path to a local file that contains a list of trusted TLS/SSL CAs as PFX file. This option uses an implicit ssl-enable.


    • ssl-ca-pwd: specifies the CA certificate password.