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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.4.5 (2012-05-19, Alpha)

This release fixes bugs since 6.4.4.

Bugs Fixed

  • When the length of a VARCHAR column was edited in Table Designer, the data type could be saved incorrectly as BIT. (Bug #13916560)

  • Any sequence of Take(n) method calls followed by Count or LongCount would cause a System.Data.EntityCommandCompilationException error. (Bug #13913047, Bug #64749)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, if you tried to save a new table using an existing table name, subsequently you would not be prompted to choose a new name, preventing you from saving the table. (Bug #13785918)

  • The performance when setting the CommandText property on the MySqlCommand class was improved by enhancing the efficiency of a string comparison operation. (Bug #13739383, Bug #64012)

  • Visual Studio 2010 Table Designer could give an error Object reference not set to an instance of an object for schemas with certain combinations of column names and foreign key references. The SQL syntax was incorrect for the ALTER TABLE statement generated by the Table Designer. (Bug #13591545, Bug #63714)

  • The MySQL script generated by using the function CreateDatabaseScript used names with incorrect singular/plural forms. (Bug #13582837, Bug #62150)

  • Creating a trigger on a table using the Server Explorer tree could produce an error message:

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    (Bug #13511801)

  • In LINQ to Entity queries, including a child entity (1-n) and its entities (n-n) returned the wrong results. For example:


    (Bug #13491698, Bug #62801)

  • After an UPDATE statement, Connector/NET would generate incorrect SELECT SQL statements if a value in the WHERE clause was not also present in the SET clause of the UPDATE. (Bug #13491689, Bug #62134)

  • When creating a project in VisualStudio using a .NET framework such as 3.0 or 3.5 (anything less than 4.0), the Connector/NET library (MySql.Data.dll) was not listed in the Add References dialog box. The workaround was to browse to the library and add it manually. (Bug #13491678, Bug #60462)

  • In Table Designer for Visual Studio, trying to delete foreign keys from an InnoDB table showed an error, and the change was not saved. (Bug #13481362)

  • In Table Designer for Visual Studio, trying to create a table could fail if you saved changes immediately after entering the data type for a column. The workaround was to click somewhere else in the grid before saving changes. (Bug #13477805)

  • Creating a table through the Server Explorer Window on Visual Studio 2010 could fail with a MySQL syntax error. The properties in the CREATE TABLE statement could be listed in incorrect order. (Bug #13475830)

  • Formerly, cleanup operations for expired sessions were fully automatic, with no ability to catch the timeout event and do application-specific cleanup. This fix adds a enableSessionExpireCallback connection option to let developers catch the event when a session expires. When enableSessionExpireCallback is enabled, the global.asax.session_end event is raised before data is deleted from the my_aspnet_sessions table. When enableSessionExpireCallback is disabled, the data is deleted from the my_aspnet_sessions table without raising the event first. The timeout period for session expiry is specified in the web.config file, in the timeout option of the sessionState section. (Bug #13354935, Bug #62266)

  • Connector/NET experienced poor performance when adding parameters to the MySQLCommand. (Bug #62653, Bug #13331475)

  • The Unicode quotation mark character U+0022 was not escaped by the MySQLHelper class. (Bug #62585, Bug #13092886)

  • Using a return parameter without a name resulted in an IndexOutOfRangeException exception. (Bug #62416, Bug #13006969)

  • Connector/NET would incorrectly map decimal values to ANSI strings. (Bug #62246, Bug #13050570)

  • The Mono runtime did not support hashed passwords. (Bug #62203, Bug #13041618)

  • Connector/NET incorrectly maps PrimitiveTypeKind.Byte to tinyint, instead of utinyint. And PrimitiveTypeKind.SByte mapping was added, to tinyint. (Bug #62135, Bug #13061713)