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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.4.4 (2011-09-26, Alpha)

This release fixes bugs since 6.4.3.

Functionality Added or Changed

Bugs Fixed

  • The Windows Native Authentication Plugin could connect using the wrong user. (Bug #12897149)

  • When creating a tableadapter through a Dataset form in Visual Studio, the MaxLength of the field for a CHAR column could be set to 3 times the length of the table column. Although this many bytes could be needed to hold a UTF-8 character value, the length value was not appropriate for restricting the length of a TextBox. (Bug #12860224, Bug #62094)

  • An error out of sync with server could occur when connecting in the Visual Studio Entity Framework. The issue occurred only on some MySQL servers, all with versions earlier than MySQL 5.5. (Bug #12853286, Bug #61806)

  • When adding a MEDIUMTEXT or LONGTEXT column Visual Studio, the facet Fixed length had to be set to false, even though these types allow arbitrary lengths. (Bug #12848277, Bug #54915)

  • Executing a LINQ to Entity query could result in a NullReferenceException error. (Bug #12776598, Bug #61729)

  • Using a combination of ListView, EntityDataSource with TypeFilter and Include EntityCollection Navigation Property, and DataPager caused a NullReferenceException error in the System.Web.UI.WebControls.EntityDataSourceView.ExecuteSelect function. (Bug #12776517, Bug #61714)

  • MySqlDataReader.Close was modified to use Default behavior when clearing remaining result sets. (Bug #61690, Bug #12723423)

  • MySqlScript was modified to enable correct processing of the DELIMITER command when not followed by a new line. (Bug #61680, Bug #12732279)

  • The ASP.NET membership provider was modified to create and query all related tables using lowercase names. (Bug #61108, Bug #12702009)

  • On Model First changed column types generated in SQL scripts to produce more suitable MySql types. (Bug #59244, Bug #12707104)