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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 5.1.18 (2011-10-04)

Fixes bugs found since release 5.1.17.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added the function MYSQL_INDEX_TO_MYSQL_CHARSET to retrieve the server charset name, using an index instead of parsing variables to

Bugs Fixed

  • The LRUCache implementation removed the eldest entry, rather than the least-recently accessed. (Bug #13036537)

  • Changed cacheCallableStatements to cacheCallableStmts in, to allow proper caching. (Bug #13036309)

  • Added a new ant flag, com.mysql.jdbc.junit.fork, which controls whether JUnit will fork new processes for testing. Valid values for the flag are:

    • on: fork new process; the default and legacy behavior.

    • off: do not fork new process; required for Windows, or process fork failure errors will result while running the test suite via ant on Windows.

    (Bug #12784170)

  • Not putting a space between VALUES() and ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE causes connector/J to both (A) Rewrite the query, although it includes an ON UPDATE statement and (B) To generate the wrong query with multiple ON DUPLICATE KEY statements. (Bug #12565726)

  • The loadBalanceBlacklistTimeout option was not functioning properly. Working connections were not being removed from the blacklist. (Bug #63135)

  • The "old" warnings were returned when Statement.getWarnings() was called after Statement.clearWarnings(). (Bug #61866, Bug #12791594)

  • Connector/J now guards against the condition where a call to KILL QUERY will kill the next query issued by the server, if no query is in process. (Bug #61501)

  • Calling Statement.cancel() on a statement that isn't currently executing, will cause a later-executed query on the same connection to be unexpectedly canceled. The driver now guards against this condition, but it is an underlying server issue. The MySQL statement KILL QUERY (which is what the driver uses to implement Statement.cancel()) is rather non-deterministic, and thus the use of Statement.cancel() should be avoided if possible. (Bug #61501)

  • A connection could not be established when the URL contained both sessionVariables and characterEncoding. (Bug #61201, Bug #12649557)

  • Reverting changes made to, the private boolean characterSetNamesMatches function.