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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 5.0.4 (2006-10-20)

Bugs Fixed

  • DBMD.getColumns() does not return expected COLUMN_SIZE for the SET type, now returns length of largest possible set disregarding whitespace or the "," delimiters to be consistent with the ODBC driver. (Bug #22613)

  • Added new _ci collations to CharsetMapping - utf8_unicode_ci not working. (Bug #22456)

  • Driver was using milliseconds for Statement.setQueryTimeout() when specification says argument is to be in seconds. (Bug #22359)

  • Workaround for server crash when calling stored procedures using a server-side prepared statement (driver now detects prepare(stored procedure) and substitutes client-side prepared statement). (Bug #22297)

  • Driver issues truncation on write exception when it shouldn't (due to sending big decimal incorrectly to server with server-side prepared statement). (Bug #22290)

  • Newlines causing whitespace to span confuse procedure parser when getting parameter metadata for stored procedures. (Bug #22024)

  • When using information_schema for metadata, COLUMN_SIZE for getColumns() is not clamped to range of java.lang.Integer as is the case when not using information_schema, thus leading to a truncation exception that isn't present when not using information_schema. (Bug #21544)

  • Column names don't match metadata in cases where server doesn't return original column names (column functions) thus breaking compatibility with applications that expect 1-to-1 mappings between findColumn() and rsmd.getColumnName(), usually manifests itself as "Can't find column ('')" exceptions. (Bug #21379)

  • Driver now sends numeric 1 or 0 for client-prepared statement setBoolean() calls instead of '1' or '0'.

  • Fixed configuration property jdbcCompliantTruncation was not being used for reads of result set values.

  • DatabaseMetaData correctly reports true for supportsCatalog*() methods.

  • Driver now supports {call sp} (without "()" if procedure has no arguments).