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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.5 (2003-01-22)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed ResultSet.isBeforeFirst() for empty result sets.

  • Added missing LONGTEXT type to DBMD.getColumns().

  • Implemented an empty TypeMap for Connection.getTypeMap() so that some third-party apps work with MySQL (IBM WebSphere 5.0 Connection pool).

  • Added update options for foreign key metadata.

  • Fixed Buffer.fastSkipLenString() causing ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exceptions with some queries when unpacking fields.

  • Quote table names in DatabaseMetaData.getColumns(), getPrimaryKeys(), getIndexInfo(), getBestRowIdentifier().

  • Retrieve TX_ISOLATION from database for Connection.getTransactionIsolation() when the MySQL version supports it, instead of an instance variable.

  • Greatly reduce memory required for setBinaryStream() in PreparedStatements.