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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.4 (2003-01-06)

Bugs Fixed

  • Streamlined character conversion and byte[] handling in PreparedStatements for setByte().

  • Fixed PreparedStatement.executeBatch() parameter overwriting.

  • Added quoted identifiers to database names for Connection.setCatalog.

  • Added support for 4.0.8-style large packets.

  • Reduce memory footprint of PreparedStatements by sharing outbound packet with MysqlIO.

  • Added strictUpdates property to enable control of amount of checking for correctness of updatable result sets. Set this to false if you want faster updatable result sets and you know that you create them from SELECT statements on tables with primary keys and that you have selected all primary keys in your query.

  • Added support for quoted identifiers in PreparedStatement parser.