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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.11 (2004-02-19)

Bugs Fixed

  • Return java.lang.Double for FLOAT type from ResultSetMetaData.getColumnClassName(). (Bug #2855)

  • Return [B instead of java.lang.Object for BINARY, VARBINARY and LONGVARBINARY types from ResultSetMetaData.getColumnClassName() (JDBC compliance). (Bug #2855)

  • Issue connection events on all instances created from a ConnectionPoolDataSource. (Bug #2855)

  • Return java.lang.Integer for TINYINT and SMALLINT types from ResultSetMetaData.getColumnClassName(). (Bug #2852)

  • Fixed failover always going to last host in list. (Bug #2578)

  • Detect on/off or 1, 2, 3 form of lower_case_table_names value on server. (Bug #2578)

  • Added useUnbufferedInput parameter, and now use it by default (due to JVM issue (Bug #2578)

  • AutoReconnect time was growing faster than exponentially. (Bug #2447)

  • Trigger a SET NAMES utf8 when encoding is forced to utf8 or utf-8 using the characterEncoding property. Previously, only the Java-style encoding name of utf-8 would trigger this.