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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.1 (2002-09-21)

Bugs Fixed

  • Charsets now automatically detected. Optimized code for single-byte character set conversion.

  • Fixed ResultSetMetaData.isSigned() for TINYINT and BIGINT.

  • Fixed RowDataStatic.getAt() off-by-one bug.

  • Fixed ResultSet.getRow() off-by-one bug.

  • Massive code clean-up to follow Java coding conventions (the time had come).

  • Implemented ResultSet.getCharacterStream().

  • Added limited Clob functionality (ResultSet.getClob(), PreparedStatement.setClob(), PreparedStatement.setObject(Clob).

  • Connection.isClosed() no longer pings the server.

  • Connection.close() issues rollback() when getAutoCommit() is false.

  • Added socketTimeout parameter to URL.

  • Added LOCAL TEMPORARY to table types in DatabaseMetaData.getTableTypes().

  • Added paranoid parameter, which sanitizes error messages by removing sensitive information from them (such as host names, ports, or user names), as well as clearing sensitive data structures when possible.