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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 2.0.9 (2002-01-13)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed extra memory allocation in MysqlIO.readPacket() (bug 488663).

  • Added detection of network connection being closed when reading packets (thanks to Todd Lizambri).

  • Fixed casting bug in PreparedStatement (bug 488663).

  • DataSource implementations moved to package, and (initial) implementations of PooledConnectionDataSource and XADataSource are in place (thanks to Todd Wolff for the implementation and testing of PooledConnectionDataSource with IBM WebSphere 4).

  • Fixed quoting error with escape processor (bug 486265).

  • Removed concatenation support from driver (the || operator), as older versions of VisualAge seem to be the only thing that use it, and it conflicts with the logical || operator. You will need to start mysqld with the --ansi flag to use the || operator as concatenation (bug 491680).

  • Ant build was corrupting included jar files, fixed (bug 487669).

  • Report batch update support through DatabaseMetaData (bug 495101).

  • Implementation of DatabaseMetaData.getExported/ImportedKeys() and getCrossReference().

  • Fixed off-by-one-hour error in PreparedStatement.setTimestamp() (bug 491577).

  • Full synchronization on methods modifying instance and class-shared references, driver should be entirely thread-safe now (please let me know if you have problems).