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Changes in MySQL Connector/C 6.1.6 (2015-03-20, General Availability)

Security Notes

Functionality Added or Changed

  • yaSSL sources included in Connector/C source packages and used in GPL binary distributions were upgraded to version 2.3.7. (Bug #20201864)

  • A new CMake option, WITH_MSCRT_DEBUG, is available to control Visual Studio CRT menory leak tracing. The default is OFF. (Bug #73064, Bug #19031370)

Bugs Fixed

  • For source packages, it was not possible to build Connector/C with the client protocol test trace plugin enabled. (Bug #20316149)

  • When there is no change in session state, the OK packet sent from server to the client contained an unneeded byte at the end of the packet. (Bug #19625718)

  • The client protocol trace plugin did not account for the removal of the EOF packet from the client/server protocol in MySQL 5.7.5. (Bug #19512199)

  • The mysql_session_track_get_first() and mysql_session_track_get_next() C API functions could cause a client crash if passed invalid arguments. (Bug #18769620)

  • mysql_config --libs_r produces output containing link flags for libmysqlclient_r, even though that library was removed in MySQL 5.5 and replaced with a symbolic link to the underlying libmysqlclient library. The output now refers directly to libmysqlclient. (The implication is that it is no longer necessary to maintain the symbolic link for the sake of being able to use mysql_config --libs_r.) (Bug #73724, Bug #19506315)

  • Invalid memory access could occur when using prepared statements if a mysql client connection was lost after statement preparation was complete and there was at least one statement that was in initialized state but not prepared yet. (Bug #70429, Bug #17512527)

  • Client auto-reconnect did not work for clients linked against libmysqlclient, even with MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT enabled.

    Also, if a FEDERATED table was accessed after wait_timeout expired, a Lost connection to MySQL server error occurred without an attempt to re-establish the connection. (Bug #70026, Bug #17309863, Bug #14874, Bug #11745408)

  • mysql_real_connect() could close a file descriptor twice if the server was not running. (Bug #69423, Bug #19226740)