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Changes in MySQL Connector/C 6.1.2 (2013-09-30, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Microsoft Windows: The implementation of condition variables specific to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 was removed from the source code because MySQL is not supported on those platforms as of MySQL 5.6.


    This change has the following implication: Previously, Connector/C 6.1, while not officially supported on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, could be used on those platforms. This is no longer possible.

    (Bug #17332056)

  • Static libraries built with VS2008, VS2010, VS2012 are now distributed as part of Connector/C packages for Windows: ZIP and MSI. New directories named vs9, vs10, and vs11 located under the lib directory contain static libraries and corresponding pdb files built with VS2008, VS2010, and VS2012, respectively.

  • MySQL now supports the use of protocol trace plugins: client-side plugins that implement tracing of communication between a client and the server that takes place using the client/server protocol. Protocol trace plugins use the client plugin API.

    In MySQL source distributions, a test protocol trace plugin is implemented in the file in the libmysql directory. This can be examined as a guide to writing other protocol trace plugins.

    For more information, see Writing Plugins; in particular, Writing Protocol Trace Plugins.

Bugs Fixed

  • The CLIENT_CONNECT_WITH_DB flag was improperly handled in the C client library. This could lead to a malformed packet sent to the server. (Bug #17351732)

  • The mysql_real_connect() C API function could leak memory if it failed. (Bug #17337684)

  • The mysql_options() C API function could leak memory if called more than once with the MYSQL_SET_CLIENT_IP option. (Bug #17297012)

  • The Connector/C RPM package was missing the following files: INFO_SRC, INFO_BIN, my_print_defaults, perror. (Bug #17261610)

  • The Connector/C MSI package was missing the following files: ChangeLog, README, LICENSE, COPYING, INFO_SRC, INFO_BIN. (Bug #17261526)

  • On Windows, a MySQL client program that simply used #include <mysql.h> could not be compiled due to missing Windows declarations in that file. The same program would compile on other platforms. (Bug #16409270)

    References: See also: Bug #17514554.

  • The libmysql.dll library was missing several symbols: my_init, mysql_client_find_plugin, mysql_client_register_plugin, mysql_load_plugin, mysql_load_plugin_v, and mysql_plugin_options. (Bug #69204, Bug #16797982)