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Changes in MySQL Connector/C 6.0.3 (Not released)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Connector/C now has the --enable-local-infile option enabled by default, which is consistent with other MySQL products. It can be disabled at configuration time using the -DDISABLE_LOCAL_INFILE CMake option. (Bug #54128)

Bugs Fixed

  • The definition of the MY_INIT macro in my_sys.h included an extraneous semicolon, which could cause compilation failure. (Bug #59080)

    References: See also: Bug #53906.

  • When run against MySQL Server 5.5, the Connector/C test suite failed in the ps_bugs test. When executing an EXPLAIN statement, MySQL Server 5.5 returned the string "information_schema" in metadatasdb_name, instead of an empty string. (Bug #56012)

  • mysql_config reported incorrect locations for library files. (Bug #54381)

  • Connector/C did not support the geostd8 character set. (Bug #54100)

  • After a reconnect occurred followed by mysql_stmt_execute(), mysql_stmt_errno() always returned 0. (Bug #53311)

  • When run against MySQL Server 5.0, ctest failed an sql_mode test after building Connector/C. (Bug #53289)

  • mf_iocache.c failed to compile on some platforms. (Bug #46642, Bug #11754951)