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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  The INFORMATION_SCHEMA TP_THREAD_GROUP_STATE Table



As of MySQL 8.0.14, the thread pool INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables are also available as Performance Schema tables. (See Section 26.12.16, “Performance Schema Thread Pool Tables”.) The INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables are deprecated and will be removed in a future MySQL version. Applications should transition away from the old tables to the new tables. For example, if an application uses this query:


The application should use this query instead:

SELECT * FROM performance_schema.tp_thread_group_state;

The TP_THREAD_GROUP_STATE table has one row per thread group in the thread pool. Each row provides information about the current state of a group.

For descriptions of the columns in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA TP_THREAD_GROUP_STATE table, see Section, “The tp_thread_group_state Table”. The Performance Schema tp_thread_group_state table has equivalent columns.