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21.2.3 Methods of Installing

The method you use to install InnoDB cluster depends on the type of deployment you intend to use. For a sandbox deployment install the components of InnoDB cluster to a single machine. A sandbox deployment is local to a single machine, therefore the install needs to only be done once on the local machine. For a production deployment install the components to each machine that you intend to add to your cluster. A production deployment uses multiple remote host machines running MySQL server instances, so you need to connect to each machine using a tool such as SSH or Windows remote desktop to carry out tasks such as installing components. The following methods of installing InnoDB cluster are available:

Once you have installed the software required by InnoDB cluster choose to follow either Section 21.2.6, “Sandbox Deployment of InnoDB Cluster” or Section 21.2.4, “Production Deployment of InnoDB Cluster”.