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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  MySQL Shell Stored Session Commands

18.5.1 MySQL Shell Stored Session Commands

The following commands are used to work with stored sessions within MySQL Shell.

Adding a Connection

To add connection data for a session use:

\saveconn name [URI]
  • name : Mandatory parameter, the name that is assigned to the stored connection data. Note that this must be a valid identifier:

    • Starts with an alphabetic character.

    • Only contains alphanumeric characters and underscore.

  • URI : Optional parameter containing connection data in URI format. If not specified and a global session is active, the URI for the global session is used instead.

  • -f : Optional parameter to force overwriting an existing connection. If an attempt is made to store a connection, but the provided name already exists, an error occurs. Use this parameter to force storing the connection, which overrides what was previously stored under the given session name.

Updating a Stored Connection

To update the connection data for a specific session name use:

\saveconn -f name URI
  • name : Mandatory parameter, indicates the connection to be updated.

  • URI : Mandatory parameter, contains the connection data that replaces the connection for the indicated session name.

Removing a Stored Connection

To remove a connection use:

\rmconn name
  • name : Mandatory parameter that indicates the connection data to be removed.

Listing the Stored Connections

To list the stored connections use:


Using a Stored Connection

Stored connections can be used to create a global session by issuing a \connect name command. The stored session is loaded and used to create the global session.

When using a stored connection through the connect shell commands, you are prompted for the password if it is missing from the stored connection data.

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