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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  InnoDB Cluster  /  Installing InnoDB Cluster

20.2 Installing InnoDB Cluster

Before installing InnoDB cluster, ensure that the server instances you intend to use meet the following requirements.


When using a sandbox deployment the instances are configured to meet these requirements automatically.

InnoDB cluster Requirements

InnoDB cluster uses Group Replication and therefore your server instances must meet the same requirements. See Section 17.7.1, “Group Replication Requirements”.

In addition, the provisioning scripts that MySQL Shell uses to configure servers for use in InnoDB cluster require access to Python (2.7 and above). On Windows MySQL Shell includes Python and no user configuration is required. On Unix Python must be found as part of the enviroment. To check that your system has Python configured correctly issue:

$ /usr/bin/env python

If a Python interpreter starts, no further action is required. If the previous command fails, create a soft link between /usr/bin/python and your chosen Python binary.

Methods of Installing

The following methods of installing InnoDB cluster are available:

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