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17.5.1 IP Address Whitelisting

The Group Replication plugin has a configuration option to determine from which hosts an incoming Group Communication connection can be accepted. This option is called group_replication_ip_whitelist. If you set this option on a server s1, then when server s2 is establishing a connection to s1 for the purpose of engaging group communication, then s1 first checks the whitelist before accepting the connection from s2. If s2 is in the whitelist, then s1 accepts the connection, otherwise s1 rejects the connection attempt by s2.


By default, if not specified explicitly, the whitelist is automatically set to the private network addresses that the server has network interfaces on.

If you do not configure any whitelist, the server automatically sets the whitelist to the private networks that the server has an interface on. This means that a server, even if it has interfaces on public IPs, does not by default allow connections from external hosts.

Whenever the IP whitelist is set to AUTOMATIC, an entry in the error log can be emitted in such case, similar to: 2016-07-07T06:40:49.320686Z 4 [Note] Plugin group_replication reported: 'Added automatically \\ IP ranges,, to the whitelist'.

You can improve the security of the group further by manually setting the list of IP addresses permitted for group communication connections to come from. The list can be specified in CIDR notation or as simple IP addresses. A comma must separate each entry. For example:

mysql> SET GLOBAL group_replication_ip_whitelist=",,";

The localhost IP address ( is always added to the whitelist. If not explicitly, it is implicitly and automatically added.

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