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User Comments
  Posted by Noah Cutler on June 11, 2011
Not sure what the deal is, but on Linux (Fedora 14) running Mono/.NET, by default LINQ queries have square brackets around field names, which of course breaks any LINQ query.

The documentation says that "Sql Server Mode" is false by default & that this will prevent square brackets from being used (instead of backtics); the opposite is actually true, wtf ;-)

Solution on my end is to set "Sql Server Mode" to true in my connection string params.

Using connector 6.3.6

Hope this helps someone....
  Posted by Ky Cheng on January 31, 2012
Tested on Connector Net 6.4.4

The Connection Pooling connection string property: "Cache Server Configuration" is implemented in Connector/Net source code as "Cache Server Properties". If you use CacheServerConfiguration, it will give an error. Use "Cache Server Properties" instead.

In addition, multiple Host is now separated by ',' instead of '&'. Please update documentation.

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