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Excerpts from this Manual

2.3.2 Choosing an Installation Package

For MySQL 5.6, there are multiple installation package formats to choose from when installing MySQL on Windows.


Program Database (PDB) files (with file name extension pdb) provide information for debugging your MySQL installation in the event of a problem. These files are included in ZIP Archive distributions (but not MSI distributions) of MySQL.

  • MySQL Installer: This package has a file name similar to mysql-installer-community- or mysql-installer-commercial-, and utilizes MSIs to automatically install MySQL server and other products. It will download and apply updates to itself, and for each of the installed products. It also configures the installed MySQL server.

    MySQL Installer can install and manage (add, modify, upgrade, and remove) many other MySQL products, including:

    • Applications – MySQL Workbench, MySQL for Visual Studio, MySQL Notifier, MySQL for Excel, MySQL Utilities

    • Connectors – MySQL Connector/C, MySQL Connector/C++, MySQL Connector/Net, Connector/ODBC, MySQL Connector/Python, MySQL Connector/J

    • Documentation – MySQL Manual (PDF format), samples and examples

    MySQL Installer will run on all Windows platforms that are supported by MySQL (see


    Because MySQL Installer is not a native component of Microsoft Windows and depends on .NET, it will not work on minimal installation options like the "Server Core" version of Windows Server 2008.

    For instructions on installing MySQL using MySQL Installer, see Section 2.3.3, “MySQL Installer for Windows”.

  • The noinstall ZIP Archive: This package has a file name similar to or, and contains all the files found in the Complete install package, with the exception of the GUI. It also contains PDB files. This package does not include an automated installer, and must be manually installed and configured.

MySQL Installer is recommended for most users.

Your choice of install package affects the installation process you must follow. If you choose to use MySQL Installer, see Section 2.3.3, “MySQL Installer for Windows”. If you choose to install a noinstall ZIP archive, see Section 2.3.5, “Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows Using a noinstall ZIP Archive”.

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