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MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  The INFORMATION_SCHEMA TP_THREAD_STATE Table


This table has one row per thread created by the thread pool to handle connections. The table has these columns:


    The thread group ID.


    The ID of the thread within its thread group. TP_GROUP_ID and TP_THREAD_NUMBER together provide a unique key within the table.


    The 10ms interval in which the statement that uses this thread is currently executing. 0 means no statement is executing, 1 means it is in the first 10ms, and so forth.


    The type of wait for the thread. NULL means the thread is not blocked. Otherwise, the thread is blocked by a call to thd_wait_begin() and the value specifies the type of wait. The xxx_WAIT columns of the TP_THREAD_GROUP_STATS table accumulate counts for each wait type.

    The WAIT_TYPE value is a string that describes the type of wait, as shown in the following table.

    Table 21.28 WAIT_TYPE Values

    Wait TypeMeaning
    THD_WAIT_SLEEPWaiting for sleep
    THD_WAIT_DISKIOWaiting for Disk IO
    THD_WAIT_ROW_LOCKWaiting for row lock
    THD_WAIT_GLOBAL_LOCKWaiting for global lock
    THD_WAIT_META_DATA_LOCKWaiting for metadata lock
    THD_WAIT_TABLE_LOCKWaiting for table lock
    THD_WAIT_USER_LOCKWaiting for user lock
    THD_WAIT_BINLOGWaiting for binlog
    THD_WAIT_GROUP_COMMITWaiting for group commit
    THD_WAIT_SYNCWaiting for fsync

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