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Excerpts from this Manual mysql_stmt_result_metadata()

MYSQL_RES *mysql_stmt_result_metadata(MYSQL_STMT *stmt)


If a statement passed to mysql_stmt_prepare() is one that produces a result set, mysql_stmt_result_metadata() returns the result set metadata in the form of a pointer to a MYSQL_RES structure that can be used to process the meta information such as number of fields and individual field information. This result set pointer can be passed as an argument to any of the field-based API functions that process result set metadata, such as:

The result set structure should be freed when you are done with it, which you can do by passing it to mysql_free_result(). This is similar to the way you free a result set obtained from a call to mysql_store_result().

The result set returned by mysql_stmt_result_metadata() contains only metadata. It does not contain any row results. The rows are obtained by using the statement handle with mysql_stmt_fetch().

Return Values

A MYSQL_RES result structure. NULL if no meta information exists for the prepared query.


See the Example in Section, “mysql_stmt_fetch()”.

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