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User Comments
  Posted by Claire Swinson on January 8, 2011
Check ownership of /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM after installing the preference pane, as above, and change if necessary. For me ownership was "root staff" (maybe because I didn't install it for all users?) and a GID of 0 is required for automatic start.
  Posted by Gavin Koh on January 25, 2011
It won't work as installed. The fix has been posted by Jay Khimani:
  Posted by Nathanael Dewhurst on October 22, 2014
Note: the DMG no longer includes separate items for the preference pane and the startup configuration. Instead, it appears that the preference pane is automatically enabled when running the main installation package, and the startup behavior of MySQL can then be toggled via that preference pane if desired.
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