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Excerpts from this Manual

B.3.3 Global Error Message Reference

This section lists global error messages that are shared in the sense that they can be produced by the MySQL server or by MySQL client programs. These errors have error codes in the range from 1 to 999.

Each global error message includes an error code, SQLSTATE value, and message string, as described in Section B.1, “Error Message Sources and Components”. These components are available as described in Section B.2, “Error Information Interfaces”. For global errors, the SQLSTATE value is always 'HY000' (general error), so it is not meaningful for distinguishing one client error from another.

  • Error number: 1; Symbol: EE_CANTCREATEFILE;

    Message: Can't create/write to file '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 2; Symbol: EE_READ;

    Message: Error reading file '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 3; Symbol: EE_WRITE;

    Message: Error writing file '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 4; Symbol: EE_BADCLOSE;

    Message: Error on close of '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 5; Symbol: EE_OUTOFMEMORY;

    Message: Out of memory (Needed %u bytes)

  • Error number: 6; Symbol: EE_DELETE;

    Message: Error on delete of '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 7; Symbol: EE_LINK;

    Message: Error on rename of '%s' to '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 9; Symbol: EE_EOFERR;

    Message: Unexpected EOF found when reading file '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 10; Symbol: EE_CANTLOCK;

    Message: Can't lock file (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 11; Symbol: EE_CANTUNLOCK;

    Message: Can't unlock file (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 12; Symbol: EE_DIR;

    Message: Can't read dir of '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 13; Symbol: EE_STAT;

    Message: Can't get stat of '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 14; Symbol: EE_CANT_CHSIZE;

    Message: Can't change size of file (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 15; Symbol: EE_CANT_OPEN_STREAM;

    Message: Can't open stream from handle (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 16; Symbol: EE_GETWD;

    Message: Can't get working directory (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 17; Symbol: EE_SETWD;

    Message: Can't change dir to '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 18; Symbol: EE_LINK_WARNING;

    Message: Warning: '%s' had %d links

  • Error number: 19; Symbol: EE_OPEN_WARNING;

    Message: Warning: %d files and %d streams is left open

  • Error number: 20; Symbol: EE_DISK_FULL;

    Message: Disk is full writing '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s). Waiting for someone to free space...

  • Error number: 21; Symbol: EE_CANT_MKDIR;

    Message: Can't create directory '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 22; Symbol: EE_UNKNOWN_CHARSET;

    Message: Character set '%s' is not a compiled character set and is not specified in the '%s' file

  • Error number: 23; Symbol: EE_OUT_OF_FILERESOURCES;

    Message: Out of resources when opening file '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 24; Symbol: EE_CANT_READLINK;

    Message: Can't read value for symlink '%s' (Error %d - %s)

  • Error number: 25; Symbol: EE_CANT_SYMLINK;

    Message: Can't create symlink '%s' pointing at '%s' (Error %d - %s)

  • Error number: 26; Symbol: EE_REALPATH;

    Message: Error on realpath() on '%s' (Error %d - %s)

  • Error number: 27; Symbol: EE_SYNC;

    Message: Can't sync file '%s' to disk (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 28; Symbol: EE_UNKNOWN_COLLATION;

    Message: Collation '%s' is not a compiled collation and is not specified in the '%s' file

  • Error number: 29; Symbol: EE_FILENOTFOUND;

    Message: File '%s' not found (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 30; Symbol: EE_FILE_NOT_CLOSED;

    Message: File '%s' (fileno: %d) was not closed

  • Error number: 31; Symbol: EE_CHANGE_OWNERSHIP;

    Message: Can't change ownership of the file '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 32; Symbol: EE_CHANGE_PERMISSIONS;

    Message: Can't change permissions of the file '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

  • Error number: 33; Symbol: EE_CANT_SEEK;

    Message: Can't seek in file '%s' (Errcode: %d - %s)

    EE_CANT_SEEK was added in 5.6.1.