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Excerpts from this Manual The accounts Table

As of MySQL 5.6.3, the accounts table contains a row for each account that has connected to the MySQL server. For each account, the table counts the current and total number of connections. The table size is autosized at server startup. To set the table size explicitly, set the performance_schema_accounts_size system variable at server startup. To disable account statistics, set this variable to 0.

The accounts table has the following columns. For a description of how the Performance Schema maintains rows in this table, including the effect of TRUNCATE TABLE, see Section 22.10.7, “Performance Schema Connection Tables”.

  • USER

    The client user name for the connection. This is NULL for an internal thread, or for a user session that failed to authenticate.

    The performance_schema_max_digest_length system variable determines the maximum number of bytes available for computing statement digests. However, the display length of statement digests may be longer than the available buffer size due to encoding of statement components such as keywords and literal values in digest buffer. Consequently, values selected from the DIGEST_TEXT column of statement event tables may appear to exceed the performance_schema_max_digest_length value.

    This variable was added in MySQL 5.6.26. In MySQL 5.6.24 and 5.6.25, use max_digest_length instead. Before 5.6.24, the value cannot be changed.

  • HOST

    The host from which the client connected. This is NULL for an internal thread, or for a user session that failed to authenticate.


    The current number of connections for the account.


    The total number of connections for the account.

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