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The following sections provide information about INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables which are specific to MySQL Cluster. The FILES table was added in MySQL Server 5.1.6 as part of MySQL Cluster data-on-disk support (it is available in standard MySQL 5.5 but is not used there). The ndb_transid_mysql_connection_map table was added as part of additions made to MySQL Cluster's ndbinfo information database in MySQL NDB Cluster 7.2.2; it is implemented as an INFORMATION_SCHEMA plugin available only in MySQL Cluster binaries or source, and does not exist in MySQL Server 5.5.

Additional statistical and other data about MySQL Cluster transactions, operations, threads, blocks, and other aspects of performance can be obtained from the tables in the ndbinfo database. Information about these tables, see Section 18.5.10, “ndbinfo: The NDB Cluster Information Database”.

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