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14.1.6 Viewing the InnoDB Storage Engine Version Number

Up to MySQL version 5.5.30, InnoDB storage engine releases are numbered with version numbers independent of MySQL releases. Starting with MySQL 5.5.30, the use of independent version numbering for the InnoDB storage engine is discontinued in favor of MySQL server version numbering.

The following information describes the InnoDB storage engine independent version numbering scheme and how to view the version number for the InnoDB storage engine.

The initial release of the InnoDB storage engine is version 1.0, and it is designed to work with MySQL 5.1. Version 1.1 of the InnoDB storage engine is for MySQL 5.5 and up.

  • The first component of the InnoDB storage engine version number designates a major release level.

  • The second component corresponds to the MySQL release. The digit 0 corresponds to MySQL 5.1. The digit 1 corresponds to MySQL 5.5.

  • The third component indicates the specific release of the InnoDB storage engine (at a given major release level and for a specific MySQL release); only bug fixes and minor functional changes are introduced at this level.

Once you have installed the InnoDB storage engine, you can check its version number in three ways:

  • In the error log, it is printed during startup.

  • SELECT * FROM information_schema.plugins;

  • SELECT @@innodb_version;

The InnoDB storage engine writes its version number to the error log, which can be helpful in diagnosis of errors:

091105 12:28:06 InnoDB Plugin 1.0.5 started; log sequence number 46509

Note that the PLUGIN_VERSION column in the table INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PLUGINS does not display the third component of the version number, only the first and second components, as in 1.0.

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