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MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual  /  The InnoDB Storage Engine  /  Installing the InnoDB Storage Engine

14.2 Installing the InnoDB Storage Engine

When you use the InnoDB storage engine 1.1 and above, with MySQL 5.5 and above, you do not need to do anything special to install: everything comes configured as part of the MySQL source and binary distributions. This is a change from earlier releases of the InnoDB Plugin, where you were required to match up MySQL and InnoDB version numbers and update your build and configuration processes.

The InnoDB storage engine is included in the MySQL distribution, starting from MySQL 5.1.38. From MySQL 5.1.46 and up, this is the only download location for the InnoDB storage engine; it is not available from the InnoDB website.

If you used any scripts or configuration files with the earlier InnoDB storage engine from the InnoDB website, be aware that the filename of the shared library as supplied by MySQL is or ha_innodb_plugin.dll, as opposed to or ha_innodb.dll in the older Plugin downloaded from the InnoDB website. You might need to change the applicable file names in your startup or configuration scripts.

Because the InnoDB storage engine has now replaced the built-in InnoDB, you no longer need to specify options like --ignore-builtin-innodb and --plugin-load during startup.

To take best advantage of current InnoDB features, we recommend specifying the following options in your configuration file:


For information about these features, see Section 14.17, “InnoDB Startup Options and System Variables”, Section 14.13, “InnoDB File-Format Management”, and innodb_strict_mode. You might need to continue to use the previous values for these parameters in some replication and similar configurations involving both new and older versions of MySQL.