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A Polygon is a planar Surface representing a multisided geometry. It is defined by a single exterior boundary and zero or more interior boundaries, where each interior boundary defines a hole in the Polygon.

Polygon Examples

  • On a region map, Polygon objects could represent forests, districts, and so on.

Polygon Assertions

  • The boundary of a Polygon consists of a set of LinearRing objects (that is, LineString objects that are both simple and closed) that make up its exterior and interior boundaries.

  • A Polygon has no rings that cross. The rings in the boundary of a Polygon may intersect at a Point, but only as a tangent.

  • A Polygon has no lines, spikes, or punctures.

  • A Polygon has an interior that is a connected point set.

  • A Polygon may have holes. The exterior of a Polygon with holes is not connected. Each hole defines a connected component of the exterior.

The preceding assertions make a Polygon a simple geometry.

User Comments
  Posted by kristof kotai on June 21, 2012
set @r = GeomFromText('POLYGON((0 0, 10 0, 0 10, 0 0))');
set @p = GeomFromText('POINT(11 0)');
select if(contains(@r, @p), 'yes', 'no');
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