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User Comments
  Posted by John Walker on September 11, 2008
This code (first routine: to create a small table) has a small bug--or at least it didn't work out of the box for me in VBA Excel 2002. To fix, on the first addition you'll need to insert a value for id, something like

rs!id = 4

  Posted by Luis Guillermo Quevedo on February 21, 2010
Hi The ADO code didn´t work properly on my PC. I use Win2003 sp4, and the server is Apache (Wamp distribution).

I registred a DSN and change the sample code to
Set conn = ws.OpenConnection("Valid_DSN_NAME", _
dbDriverNoPrompt, False, strCnn)

Then it works. The connection was created.

Note 1: the server must be running. I prooved to disable the apache server and activate mysql alone, as a service and the code could not create the connection.
Note 2: u must use the user, dbname and pwrd you had used to create the dsn.
  Posted by Bill Wilkinson on May 25, 2011
If you downloaded Connector/ODBC 5.1 then the connection string should *NOT* be

"DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};"_

Instead, it should be

"DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};"_

  Posted by Richard van Dulken on February 20, 2012
It is really nice to see all these micro$oft examples but if the connector/ODBC is supplied for unix why isn't there an example of how to use it on unix with demo code?
  Posted by afdoal wahyurrahman on May 10, 2012
what the "OPTION=3" on the connection string??

how to use other option on the connection string like

in one connection string???

Flag source:
  Posted by Max Wikström on September 26, 2012
Connection string details for this driver can be found here,

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