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User Comments
  Posted by FROMENT Michel on August 25, 2014
I show you the proc after reading the explanation :

delimiter //
create procedure suivi_exp.RechechercheContenant ( lb_cab char(29) , out compte int)
-- declare compte int;

select count(*) into compte from suivi_exp.CNTEXP where LB_CAB_CNT = lb_cab ;

select compte;

END //

and the piece of code java :

CallableStatement callstate = maconn.prepareCall("call suivi_exp.RechechercheContenant (?, ?)");
callstate.setString(1, cab);
callstate.setInt(2, -1);
callstate.registerOutParameter(2, Types.INTEGER);

rst = callstate.execute();
I think than eecute() is better than executeQuery() as with this command we can't get MoreResults and the java code returns the error with MoreResults
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