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  Posted by vikas kedia on March 25, 2004
If you choose the binary method of install from between binary and source installation method, you have to choose how you want to install the binary:
1. RPM method
2. download the tar.gz file and then just untar it

The factors to consider are:

1. The directory layout which you are comfortable with since the above two binary installation methods give two different directory layouts.

take a look at the directory layouts under the two different binary installation methods at:

2. The rpm method will give you a startup script and place it in the appropriate location (for e.g in case of redhat it is /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql) and also make the chkconfig entries in the various run levels. But the tar.gz binary distribution method will not make a startup script and it will also not make the entries in the appropriate run levels. If you do decide to go the tar.gz binary distribution method you will need a startup script. You can see a sample script at

Though the 2nd point of consideration may seem like a disadvantage for the tar binary install you might want to consider deeply the tar binary installs advantage of having all the mysql related files under one directory and not spread across multiple directories.

  Posted by Krishna Srikanth M on March 14, 2012
The link given by vikas - is not active. The content is now available at following locations

1. For MySQL 5.1 -
2. For MySQL 5.5 -

  Posted by J Shaw on March 17, 2012
Another reason to download the source code version is if you need to install some other program that either needs certain mySQL source files or needs to be included with the mySQL compile – SphinxSE, the mySQL storage engine, for example.
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