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Posted by Angie Liu on June 28 2007 7:27pm[Delete] [Edit]

"Transactional database systems in general are not very good at generating summary tables from log tables, because in this case row locking is almost useless."
Please explain more.

Posted by Denis Kukharev on April 21 2008 11:17am[Delete] [Edit]

As far as I understand, this means that InnoDB will be slower than MyISAM when searching and retrieving log records because of higher complexity of its engine while not bringing advantages (in this particular case). As while parsing logs we have normally no transactions, no enormous concurrency and locks, etc. So the power of InnoDB will be used in vain.

Posted by diego diaz on August 27 2011 5:55pm[Delete] [Edit]

"To make your application really database independent, you should define an easily extendable interface through which you manipulate your data. For example, C++ is available on most systems, so it makes sense to use a C++ class-based interface to the databases."

As far as I know, C++ is not now a really good portability language programming. Since it depends on the machine compiler and standard (there is different C++ standard). Maybe using Java with connectors and a JPA (Java Persistence API) you can get rid of portability about SQL language.