void mysql_library_end(void)


This function finalizes the MySQL library. Call it when you are done using the library (for example, after disconnecting from the server). The action taken by the call depends on whether your application is linked to the MySQL client library or the MySQL embedded server library. For a client program linked against the libmysqlclient library by using the -lmysqlclient flag, mysql_library_end() performs some memory management to clean up. For an embedded server application linked against the libmysqld library by using the -lmysqld flag, mysql_library_end() shuts down the embedded server and then cleans up.

For usage information, see Section 20.6.6, “C API Function Overview”, and Section, “mysql_library_init()”.

mysql_library_end() was added in MySQL 5.0.3. For older versions of MySQL, call mysql_server_end() instead.

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