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The following Cluster limitations in MySQL 4.1 have been resolved in MySQL 5.0 as shown below:

  • Character set support.  The NDBCLUSTER storage engine supports all character sets and collations available in MySQL 5.0.

  • Character set directory.  Beginning with MySQL 5.0.21, it is possible to install MySQL with Cluster support to a nondefault location and change the search path for font description files using either the --basedir or --character-sets-dir options. (Previously, ndbd in MySQL 5.0 searched only the default path—typically /usr/local/mysql/share/mysql/charsets—for character sets.)

  • Metadata objects.  Prior to MySQL 5.0.6, the maximum number of metadata objects possible was 1600. Beginning with MySQL 5.0.6, this limit is increased to 20320.

  • Query cache.  Unlike the case in MySQL 4.1, the Cluster storage engine in MySQL 5.0 supports MySQL's query cache. See Section 8.10.3, “The MySQL Query Cache”.

  • IGNORE and REPLACE functionality.  In MySQL 5.0.19 and earlier, INSERT IGNORE, UPDATE IGNORE, and REPLACE were supported only for primary keys, but not for unique keys. It was possible to work around this issue by removing the constraint, then dropping the unique index, performing any inserts, and then adding the unique index again.

    This limitation was removed for INSERT IGNORE and REPLACE in MySQL 5.0.20. (See Bug #17431.)

  • auto_increment_increment and auto_increment_offset.  The auto_increment_increment and auto_increment_offset server system variables are supported for NDBCLUSTER tables beginning with MySQL 5.0.46.

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